And On the Seventh Day…No Rest for the Writer!


Seven days of writing at least something significant are in the books! Woohoo! One week down, two more weeks to go! Can I do it? I hope so.

Yesterday was tough. I went to the car dealership where I bought my car. It was time for service so I got a tune up. While I was there, I read a book of short stories that I brought along, GOTHAM WRITERS’ WORKSHOP FICTION GALLERY .  

I knew I was going to be waiting a long time for my car, so this was the perfect opportunity to get in my 80/20 reading. 80/20 is 80% reading and 20% writing. That’s what the experts say you should do. While at the service department, I read two stories: WALKING INTO THE WIND by John O’Farrell and NIGHT WOMEN by Edwidge DanticatWALKING INTO THE WIND is about a British man who laments about his trials and tribulations of being a mime in a society that just doesn’t get it. As you could imagine it’s quite humorous. NIGHT WOMEN is about a woman who watches her young son while he sleeps. She ruminates on her hopes and dreams for the boy and how she would love for the two of them to live in a dreamworld. The reason why is because the woman is a prostitute and she is waiting for her next john to arrive.

After I read these two stories, I wrote about them in my little note book that I carry. Each story got a page each where I gave a synopsis, tried to identify themes, and tried to identify writing styles. And yes, I count these exercises as writing (143 words). I wanted to work on my science fiction story some (4 days, 2500 words since my last post) but was just way too tired and fell asleep watching the Doctor Who Takeover on BBC America!

Now the real hard part is coming. I’m spending Christmas for 8 days in the Midwest with my in-laws. I’m bringing my laptop with me. But with all the ripping and running, how am I going to get any work done? I have to figure out a way. I will find a way, damn it! It can be done. At least 100-300 words of something each day. I can do that can’t I? Wish me luck! I wonder does this blog count?


3 thoughts on “And On the Seventh Day…No Rest for the Writer!

  1. Wow Zeke pretty inspiring. I don’t read enough, I didn’t know rule! Right now I’m like 10% writing 40% thinking about writing 5% talking about it 45% procrastinating. And in my alternate universe I 100% think about poker. Lol. Will have to talk to you sometime in person and pick your brain. Cheers!

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