Success…Sort of


Sunday made 24 out of 25 days of writer-centric activity! Okay, so I didn’t do 21 days in a row, so what! But I’ll take it. I wrote, revised, critiqued, blogged and read during the 25 days. When I sit back and look at it, I have a lot to feel good about. So much was accomplished.

I was able to finish off the first draft of my novella and complete a short story within this time period. The short story was even entered in a contest. Christmas vacation didn’t stop me. I could’ve have easily sat back and immersed myself in family, eating, drinking and holiday nothingness. But I had 3 days on vacation where I actually had some seriously prolific writing jags. My initially stated goal may not have been fully achieved, but so much good came out of this period that it can only be considered successful.

FYI – I consider critiquing part of the writer’s life. According to Gabriela Pereira in her book DIY MFA, the writer’s life should be divided into three categories; writing, reading, and community. Critiquing is part of the community category. Writers need the support of other writers. If you can critique a fellow writer’s work, you most definitely should. On the flip-side, you should be seeking other writers to critique your work. The life of the lonely writer is a stereotype we should not play into. The reason I bring critiquing up is because this past Friday and Saturday I did not write or revise. I just critiqued submissions from my writing group.

The experiment may be over, but the day to day writer’s life carries on. Learning that I have it in me to live a writer’s life gives me great pride and hopefully the momentum will take me into an orbit that never degrades.

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