Uh-oh!  I think I did a bad thing!

Last week I had a $230 gift certificate for Best Buy. Currently, there was nothing of a pressing need electronically for my household. So I asked my wife, Rochell, if there was anything we needed around the house, but she said no. So I cursed the powers that be under my breath because I knew what lurked on the surface of my desire; wanting me to want it. I decided to swallow my pride and suck it up and bent to its will; I put on my big boy pants and went and bought myself an XBox One S! The top of the line in Microsoft gaming console goodness! Its white sleekness and slim design looks stunning.

Now I know some of you out there are saying, “Yeahhhh, that’s awesome! When can I come over and play?” I don’t know. I’m currently not entertaining gentlemen video game callers. But what you all should be saying to me is, “Zeke, nooooooo! Why would you do that?”

What’s the problem? Well, video games and writing are a dangerous mix. Dare I say an impossible mix, unless you are someone who writes about video games. It so happens I do not. When I play video games, I do not write. When I write, I do not play video games. Why? Because video games distract me from my creativity. Sure video games are fun and great at helping you problem-solve, but they sap you of your imagination, creativity and time. Part of my writing journey is finding and allocating more time to write. And what did I go and do? Why jeopardize my writing time by purchasing the beautifully alabaster-hued XBox One S of course.

The XBox One S came bundled with the game Battlefield 1, a highly advanced and entertaining simulation of World War I. BTW, World War I is my favorite war. Yes, I have a favorite war. And yes, “favorite war” is a thing. Don’t judge.

I bought the XBox One S on a Wednesday and resisted its siren call to un-box it. So it sat unplayed until the following Monday. Now that’s what I call willpower! To be honest, I tried hooking it up on Saturday night but the HDMI port on my cable box got damaged and I had to wait. Hey, I still consider that abstaining. On Monday evening, I fired the system up and began playing Battlefield 1 after downloading it.

The game looks stunning. It’s frenetic and realistic and frightening at times. World War I was hundreds of times more frightening, I’m sure, but this game will have you on the edge of your seat. If you decide to play the campaign missions, you grow attached to your playable characters who happen to be named after real-life participants of The Great War. After playing the tutorial as a member of the Harlem Hellfighters, you then play a grueling campaign as a British tank driver. I began playing at around 8pm and didn’t stop until 3am! The time simply flew by and that is the danger I mentioned earlier.

For those who follow this blog, you already know that I am currently revising a novella. If I sit down and revise with no distractions, I’ve been able to get through a chapter in two hours. In the time I spent on Battlefield 1, I could have revised 3 1/2 chapters! That’s not good. How do I deal with this dilemma of my own creation?

Well first acknowledge the problem: video games distract me from writing. Second, understand that video game distraction is nothing more than our old friend Mr. Resistance in disguise. He keeps coming back. He always comes back. Be ready for him. For now as a stop gap solution, I must allot time for playing just as I have allotted time for writing. And the twain must never meet. The time needs to be strictly enforced. Also, and this should go without saying but I will, writing must come first. My mother always said, “Business before pleasure.” Writing must be my business. To hammer the point home, The Good Book tells us, “Pay unto Caesar what is owed Caesar. But pay unto God what is owed God.” Video games are Caesar. They are mere materials of worldly pleasure that act on us externally. Meanwhile, writing effects us on an internal level because writing is art and art comes from God.


One thought on “Distractions

  1. Nicely explained Zeke, that was fun to read! I too, know all too well the siren call of video games, but have refused to buy a console for the exact reason you have illuminated above. God willing, my willpower can hold! Hold! Hold!! I temper the call by playing video games at the houses of others, and by watching trailers and gameplay videos on youtube. Good luck my friend!

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