One Revision Down, Another Revision to Go!


The fourth draft of my novella is finally done. Man, what a bear that was! The purpose of this revision was dedicated to changing the tense of my story. Originally, my story was told in the past tense and first person. Since my story is a sci-fi action/adventure, I decided that the tension needed to be increased. To achieve that goal, I changed the tense of the story from past to present tense. Telling the story from a perspective from the past was weird. Since this story is supposed to be suspense-filled, how suspenseful could it be if the narrator is relating the story after it’s over. By default, he must accept that somehow he survived! Why should I invest in this protagonist if I know he survived his ordeal? ┬áBy changing the tense to present, my readers will experience the trials and tribulations of my protagonist along with him, when he does. In my humble opinion, I think the story is now filled with way more tension. What my writing group and readers think is yet to be determined.

This revision took well over a month to complete. Unfortunately, I was bad and did not write/revise everyday. But I did find a ton of time to be more dedicated to the process when I had a week-long stay-cation two weeks ago. This worked out quite well as I was able to revise three chapters during that time. The first four chapters were already in the bag. It took the following week to revise my last chapter.

For this particular story, the purpose of the next round of revision will be to incorporate the critiques that my writing group has given me. Every other week I submitted a new chapter to them. Their advice is so relevant and good, I truly appreciate the input I get from my group. They are super smart, super helpful, super creative, and have such super diversity of thought. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Get yourself a dedicated writing group! I was a member of writing groups in the past, but the dedication was lacking on all sides. We’ve been meeting since October 2016 and we’re going strong (knock on wood).

My writing group really needs to settle on a name. Maybe mix the the two names we came up with. Mash up ‘Blackrock Writing Group’ and ‘Climbing Ivy Writing Group’ and we get ‘The Blackrock Climbing Ivy Writing Group’. That’s a mouthful! Needs work. Stay tuned.